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How to explain a fracture to a kid.

How to explain a fracture to a child: Q&A with Mr John Nixon, Orthopaedic Surgeon at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. In this short article JackNDrBetty blog are meeting with
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How to explain cancer to a child: Q&A with Dr Msaouel, Oncologist at MD Anderson, Houston, Texas.

Hi Pavlos, Q can you tell us what you do in simple words? P: I am a physician that treats patients with cancer. And I am also a scientist that
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How do we explain safety and risk management to a child?

Q&A challenge with Dr Nigel Packham JackNDrBetty blog meets Dr Nigel Packham, Associate Director safety NASA, who discusses risk and safety in simple words, but also shares fun space stories!
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Disability and Equality. Raising allies.

A Q&A with Philippa Wiseman, mom, disabled activist, and researcher in disability studies at University of Glasgow. JackNDrBetty Blog meets with our friend Philippa Wiseman in a Q&A on how
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How to explain decision-making and prioritisation to a child.

Q&A with Professor Alec Morton. JackNDrBetty blog is challenging experts in a various areas to explain their topic of research and expertise to children. Aim is to familiarise children with
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