How to explain a fracture to a kid.

How to explain a fracture to a child: Q&A with Mr John Nixon, Orthopaedic Surgeon at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. In this short article JackNDrBetty blog are meeting with our dear friend Mr John Nixon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Mr Nixon will help us understand what a fracture is, how […]

How do we explain safety and risk management to a child?

Q&A challenge with Dr Nigel Packham JackNDrBetty blog meets Dr Nigel Packham, Associate Director safety NASA, who discusses risk and safety in simple words, but also shares fun space stories! Enjoy! Hi Nigel. Thank you so much for taking our Q&A challenge “if you can’t explain it to a 6y old, you don’t understand it […]

Disability and Equality. Raising allies.

A Q&A with Philippa Wiseman, mom, disabled activist, and researcher in disability studies at University of Glasgow. JackNDrBetty Blog meets with our friend Philippa Wiseman in a Q&A on how we can talk to children about disability and equality. Q: You are a mum of two and a researcher! Can you tell us a bit […]

How to explain decision-making and prioritisation to a child.

Q&A with Professor Alec Morton. JackNDrBetty blog is challenging experts in a various areas to explain their topic of research and expertise to children. Aim is to familiarise children with complex concepts in an age appropriate way they will find simple and easy to understand. Alec Morton, Professor Management Science, Business School at StrathClyde University […]

How important are parental boundaries?

A few tips to setting healthy parental boundaries and help your children By Vado Sidi, paediatrician and counsellor What is family? Family is a psychosocial system with rules, goals, structure and dynamic interactions. It is a system, where whatever happens in one part of it, all the other parts are affected. Think of the family […]

Climate Change: talking to my child about global warming and what we can do

Parents who care, Children who care. By Dr Ioanna Nixon Saturday evening and watching WALL-E with my kids. They were talking about climate change at school and this movie seemed indirectly relevant…The movie is about a wee robot, called WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. He is unique as he is the last […]

Little people, big conversations: Mom has cancer. How to talk to your child.

Q&A with Elke Thompson By Dr Ioanna Nixon When Jack Wee Rabbit and Dr Betty stories were born, I made a commitment. Commitment I would bring my knowledge and experience as a doctor, and as a resilience coach, as well as my deep and broad network to talk about sensitive matters related to a child. […]