How I became a runner in 30 days. 

Why run? Why Exercise? Why now? By Dr Ioanna Nixon, MPH, PhD, FRCR, FFMLM I have been an on/off runner all my life. As a child I loved running. Running to playgrounds, beaches, school yards.  Running however was never part of a routine.  As a doctor I know well the importance of exercise on physical […]

New kids’ book: Dare to dream Big!

Written by Dr Ioanna NixonIllustrations by Smaro Karipidou What happens when a wee rabbit wants to become an astronaut? His friends think this is funny. He is only a little rabbit after all! He starts having seconds thoughts about it. Until Dr Betty shares her own story with him. And everything begins to change. A […]

2022 New Year Resolution. new day, new me.

New Day, New Me. theresilienceseries Dr Ioanna Nixon, 30.12.21 I have a dream, as 2021 is about to pass, about a new year of recovery, restoration, resilience, and reinvigoration. A year when we will wake up each day with the mindset of “new day, new me”. It has been a difficult, challenging year. A year […]

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month

An opportunity to talk openly about cancer in children and to raise awareness and find ways to support children live with and beyond cancer. I will take you on a time machine, back in September 1999. I was just about to start as a first-year student in medical school and I accompanied my mother to […]

Covid and Children

“There is in the worst of fortune the best chances for a happy change” Euripides Glasgow, April 2020. I am on my way to take the train to go to the hospital. As I walk I see a playground, one of the playgrounds my children used to play. I feel a sense of emptiness and […]

How to tell your child you are proud of them: the 3 magic words

A graduation, a pic-nic, and another story of joy hiding in the smallest things. Hello again! When I was a child, I remember how important it was to know my family was proud of me. It was important they celebrated my efforts, achievements and that they were also there for me when I experienced failure. […]

Α star up in the sky…

Today Jack Wee Rabbit is sad. His friend Lisa the cat is very sad and wouldn’t want to talk to him. Mommy Rabbit told him that Lisa is sad as her dad is “no longer with us” and is now a star up in the sky. Today, Jack and Dr Betty talk about loss. How […]

Mom, open the light! I am scared of the dark!

Jack Wee Rabbit is scared of the dark. He finds it hard to fall asleep if his room is dark. Mommy Rabbit needs to turn a light on. Today we are exploring fears, starting with fear of the dark. Jack Wee Rabbit and Dr Betty discuss this with their friend Irini Klishiarchi, parenting coach to […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you mom. Everyday. You are the best mom ever. Today Jack Wee Rabbit and his friends send their wishes to every mom on Mother’s Day! Dr Betty wants to say to every mom that they are doing a great job! Jack asked some of his friends what they want to say about their […]