Bullying – a coin with two sides

“What is bullying?”,  Jack Wee Rabbit asked Dr Betty. “Is it acceptable? Is it normal? “ Today we are discussing this very popular, important and sensitive topic. Our good friend and psychologist Irene Klischiarchi is discussing with us what bullying is and how we as parents can tackle this. All children matter and everyone has […]

I love and I accept my body

Jack Wee Rabbit has recently been thinking about his body. His body looks different to the body of Alfie the Bear and Robbie the Dog. Is this good or bad, he wonders. Is it better or worse being in my body? He starts comparing himself to his mates and doesn’t know how to feel about […]

Children and Boredom

Jack is bored… His friend Dr Betty can help. So, what is it with kids and boredom really? Saturday morning during lockdown. “Jack” is bored. He looks bored and he tells me “how boring it is being bored”. His brother is bored too. I feel devastated, hundreds of questions in my head “is it my […]

Staycation and children. “I miss grandma this summer”. How does grandma feel?

A blog dedicated to those who can’t meet their loved ones because of the pandemic. How does grandma and grandpa feel this summer as Jack can’t travel to visit them? Jack Wee Rabbit’s granny shares her thoughts with us, dedicating this to everyone who won’t meet with their family this summer. A more personal blog […]

My teeth are important! How do I look after them?

Which organs help us to have a bright smile, to chew our food and to be able to speak properly? What else but our strong teeth!! Jack Wee Rabbit loves carrots very much! He wants to have strong teeth, so he can eat and enjoy his carrots. Today we are hosting a blog dedicated to […]

Music and Children

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” Plato It is such a great pleasure to welcome our dear friend Virginia Georgiou to “Jack and Dr Betty” blog. Today, 21st June 2020 is a very special day. It is the […]

Resilience Resources

On Monday last week we welcomed Ioanna Nixon to our virtual coffee morning. Dr Ioanna Nixon is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Head and Neck Sarcoma at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. She told us about the book she produced with her son to help to explain the current pandemic to children – Jack […]


Let’s have a sneak pick of what Jack Wee Rabbit was doing yesterday, shall we? Jack was very excited yesterday, 30th May 2020. Why can that be? Because he got to watch the spaceship launching to space! Here is a little secret to share. Jack loves carrots, cakes and astronauts. He sits in his window […]