Jack is bored… His friend Dr Betty can help.

So, what is it with kids and boredom really?

Saturday morning during lockdown. “Jack” is bored. He looks bored and he tells me “how boring it is being bored”. His brother is bored too. I feel devastated, hundreds of questions in my head “is it my fault? I worked too much last week. I am not much fun. I haven’t done x, y, z…. Should I do x, y, z… and I can go on and on.

Can anyone relate? Have you ever been there? As a mom of two, I have been there, seen it, won the T shirt. We all feel guilty when we see or get told by our little one they are bored, isn’t it? We start wondering what we can do to help them stop being bored. However, as you will find out in the book, it is absolutely ok to be bored from time to time. In fact, there are advantages to being bored, which we are discussing in this blog.

Moms and dads, don’t panic. It is ok for our kids to get bored from time to time and important we tell them this is indeed ok.

So, how can boredom benefit our child?

Boredom fosters imagination and creativity.

When kids feel they have nothing to do, they explore the environment around them to find ways to entertain themselves. They become more curious. They practice creativity and can come up with the most amazing things.

Boredom helps with resilience

Being bored is not a pleasant feeling, is it? Accepting it however and practicing ways to cope with it cultivates the child’s resilience. They find ways to handle “being bored”.

Boredom makes children more self-aware.

When a child is bored, there is a challenge to stretch the mind. Discover “what makes me bored”, “how do I move forward”. Look into another challenge that can lead to learning and innovation.

Boredom boosts ability to find solutions to problems.

Boredom enables children to think “outside the box”, figure it out themselves. Connect with the environment, other children, family.

So just relax and when your child tells you “I am bored”, don’t try to ease this for them. They have got this for you and will figure it out for themselves. Give them space, time and trust, while at the same time reassure them it is actually OK to be bored.

More in our book “Jack is bored. Dr Betty can help” which you can read with your little ones.

In the book Jack and Dr Betty are discussing boredom and share with kids and parents easy fun learning activities to do at home.

To buy the book go to: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087PH6VPK

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    • Thanks George! Please send us some recommendations for topics you wish us to discuss. Looking forward to hearing back!

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