Last Sunday was not a very good Sunday. My 5 year old son, David was not very well. He woke up with his cheeks looking red and hot and had a temperature of 39. Not great, especially at times of COVID. So, our Sunday was all about making him feel a bit better and organising COVID PCR tests. Explaining how the COVID testing is done didn’t go down very well. It brought a lot of crying and begging “not to have it”. It also brought up a number of questions about coronavirus you would not expect a 5 year old to ask. And the following dialog between a 5 year old and a 10 year old.

David (5 year old): what if I have covid?
George (10 year old): you will be fine. Kids are find and just carriers. Unless you have the Indian variant.
David: What is Indian Varia? Do I have varia?
George: Variant, I said variant. This is common type of that virus.
David: will I be sick? Will COVID ever go away?
George: it probably won’t.
David: won’t it?!!!!!!!! IT WON’T GO AWAY???? MOM!!!! George is saying COVID will never go away.
George: I didn’t say that. It will probably become like the flu.

The above conversation happened in seconds. It clearly indicated that my kids, like all kids, understand far more than I thought and also make their own interpretation about things Time for clarity and a covid chat…We chatted again about what the virus is and why we still need to be vigilant: keeping a 2 m distance, wear mask and hand washing. We also read again Jack Wee Rabbit is scared of COVID 19. Dr Betty can help book, which is free to download from our website and translated in many languages. Luckily it did help again.

When a 5 year old is under the weather they need love and care. In fact, when anyone is under the weather – even Despicable Me- most likely what they need is love and care. David is no exception, so Sunday was a cuddly day and also a movie day. Amongst other movies we watched SOUL, by Disney and Pixar. I can’t recommend it strongly enough, especially during our difficult times, However, I will not spoil anything by talking you through the story, which is amazing! What I will share though is the amazing impact it had on a wee 5 y old unwell boy and his two exhausted parents. SOUL was a reminder that living is an art. The secret in life is simple,   somewhat as simple as just enjoying “being” and find meaning at “doing”. With all the ups and downs.

With all the ups and downs David slept. Monday woke up and was a different, brand new day.

Dr Ioanna Nixon, Oncologist, Author and Executive Coach at Health Empower

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