Written by Dr Ioanna Nixon
Illustrations by Smaro Karipidou

What happens when a wee rabbit wants to become an astronaut? His friends think this is funny. He is only a little rabbit after all! He starts having seconds thoughts about it. Until Dr Betty shares her own story with him. And everything begins to change.

A perfect Easter gift for the little ones!
For kids and grown ups on daring to dream big!

Available at Amazon kindle edition from 👇

For printed and signed copies please get in touch!

A book about hope, motivation and empowerment. Needed in our most strange and difficult times.

How can we help our kids dream?

How can we help them take action to see their dreams through?

How can we help them see failure as learning rather than a threat, a boundary to their imagination and actions ?

A story to take us on a colourful journey of hope, on daring to dream big!

“Can I be more than just a wee Rabbit? Asked Jack

First of all, there is nothing wrong with being a wee Rabbit. It doesn’t matter what I think Jack. What matters the most is what you think”

Looking forward to your feedback! Till then, dare to dream big! The world needs it!

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