Black lives matter, read Jack Wee Rabbit on the newspaper. He thought about it and he thought: of course black lives matter! Why would they don’t? Don’t all lives matter?

Dr Betty asked her dear friend Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, who is a Professor of Law and Theory in University of Westminster, London to talk to Jack about how all lives matter and how we are all diverse and equal! Jack sat with Andreas and here is what happened.

Andreas, tell me. Don’t all lives matter? asked Jack.

Of course all lives matter! Look at how you are all good friends, Raymond the snail and Nicky the cat and Robbie the dog. You are all so different, so very different, but you all like each other, even though you sometimes fight or disagree about things. But you always remain friends. To be different is good! You have more things to learn from each other – look at how Nicky climbs up the tree for example! Or how Raymond’s home is always so tidy. Or Robbie’s voice is so loud that chases all the baddies away. You can learn from each other and become better persons and better friends.

So, all lives matter equally! But you know, sometimes, some people are being judged badly for no fault of their own. Imagine for example if all of a sudden we were to think badly of whiskers. Say, I can only be friends with people without whiskers. This would mean that you could no longer be friends with Nicky. Silly, no? What’s wrong with whiskers? Nothing at all.

Same thing with skin color. Sometimes, black or brown or Asian people are being judged just because they have a skin that is not white. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all! Yet, some people have managed to convince us that this is wrong, or that people with black skin are not as important as people with white skin. How could anyone convince us of something so silly? But they have managed to, and we often do not even think about why or how.

This is why, although all lives matter, at this point, when we know that black people are being judged badly for something as silly as skin color (or whiskers!), black lives matter even more. It does not mean that other lives do not matter. It just means that we now should pay particular attention to what is happening to these people who have been chased and treated badly for no fault of their own. This is why, right now, black lives matter.

Andreas Philipopoulos-Michalopoulos, Professor of Law and Theory in University of Westminster, Artist and fiction writer

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