I love you mom. Everyday. You are the best mom ever.

Today Jack Wee Rabbit and his friends send their wishes to every mom on Mother’s Day!

Dr Betty wants to say to every mom that they are doing a great job!

Jack asked some of his friends what they want to say about their moms and also what they want to say to their moms

Here is what they said…

About my mom…

“I love my mom as she is special. She is my mom!”

“I love mom because she bakes cakes. Sometimes they taste good. When she doesn’t burn them. Don’t tell her I said that”

“My mom makes me feel special because she gives me cuddles”

“My mom plays lego with me. I love her”

“My mom smells good and I love her”

“My mom makes me my favourite food and I love her”

“My mom has a soft voice and doesn’t shouts at me”.

“I do lots with my mom. I like being with her and play”

“My mom always knows what to do when I am sick”

I want to tell my mom…

“I love you. You are the best mom in the world!”

“Mom, I love you. Can you make me cheesy pasta now? Please?”

“Mommy I love to bring you flowers and make you smile!”

“I love you mom because you make cakes for us and you try hard.”

“Mom, I want to tell you I want more bedtime stories. I love you”

“Can I have more treats during the week please? Please please mom. I am a good girl most of the times”.

“I am getting you a special love heart balloon for Mother’s Day!”

“I love you”

“When I grow older I want to be like you”

Dr Betty is smiling while reading these quotes.

She is thinking to herself how amazing, honest, open, sweet, genuine and curious children are. She wants to tell all moms in the world to enjoy every step of their child’s development, cherish and nurture them, support them and learn together with them! No matter how challenging life can be at times, no matter the circumstances, you are resilient and resourceful. So are the kids and they should always remember that.

Moms out there, you are enough, so drop some of the guilt. Have a growth mindset on raising them, relax and enjoy every step of the parenting journey.

From Jack and Dr Betty, Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Wonderful. Thanks, carol

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment Carol! Please let us know of any other topics of interest! Love from JackNBetty!

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