Which organs help us to have a bright smile, to chew our food and to be able to speak properly?

What else but our strong teeth!!

Jack Wee Rabbit loves carrots very much! He wants to have strong teeth, so he can eat and enjoy his carrots. Today we are hosting a blog dedicated to how we can look after our teeth. No better written than by our good friend George Douros, a dentist, who explains to Jack and his wee friends why they should take care of their teeth.

Jack! Time to go and meet our friend George, the dentist. Before we go, time to brush our teeth!!!

Would you like to know what the dentist told Jack? Here we go.

The teeth are divided into baby teeth (milk teeth) which are the first to come out, and the permanent ones, that come out from the age of six and onwards.

  • When should we start visiting the dentist?

From when the first teeth erupt, the child should start visiting the dentist.

  • What does the dentist look for?

Any damaged teeth that have cavities, so to make fillings.

He can also tell us what foods are best for our teeth, what foods to avoid, what measures to take to protect our teeth, such as fluoridation.

The dentist can also diagnose orthodontic problems, which are in essence crooked teeth and will refer to orthodontics.

Finally and most importantly he will also show us how to brush our teeth the correct way.

  • How often should we visit him?

Usually every six months is advisable. But this can defer depending on what he sees during his examination.

  • How often should we brush our teeth?

Two to three times a day.

  • Are we allowed to eat sweets or not?

In moderation. Of course, it is better to choose fruit.

…so let’s follow these simple rules to have strong and healthy teeth!

Mr George Douros, Dentist
Email: dourosdent@gmail.com

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