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Wee Leaders Hub

Hello, I am Ioanna Nixon, I am a mom, a medical doctor, an educator, and a coach.

My mission through Wee Leaders Hub is to help children and families to understand wellbeing and as partners on this journey, through science-based approaches and practical tools, feel empowered to lead healthy, long, purposeful, great lives!

Current Projects at Wee Leader’s Hub

We Lead - ABC Leadership

Inspired by the question on whether leaders are born or nurtured, Wee Leaders are running a co-design project on Leadership, bringing children, educators, leadership coaches, and leaders together! How do we talk to children about leadership? How do children view leadership? What makes a good leader?

Through the process, all partners are benefiting from rich learning and positive transformation, discussing, and understanding the concept of leadership as a social process where everyone plays a role.

WEe LEADers on Nutrition

Nutrition is incredibly important for our health, disease prevention, overall wellbeing, and resilience. Wee Leader’s Hub is working on a book on nutrition to explain to children why food is important and how to make best choices to lead a healthy, long, purposeful, great lives! It is also coaching parents offering science-based and practical tools to empower children to eat healthy.

A Dare

Wee Leader’s Hub is hosting a challenge, inviting scientists in different areas to explain to children’s difficult concepts in the areas of expertise. The questions asked are decided by children. The aim of the challenge is to familiarise children with a wide range of topics, as well as professions, cultivating curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

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